Blacknight Sponsors Irish Parenting Blog Awards

Ireland’s leading domain registrar and hosting company to award the category of Most Beautiful Blog

Blacknight are helping to celebrate the best of Irish Parent Blogging by sponsoring the Most Beautiful Blog category at the first Irish Parenting Blog Awards

Blacknight are helping to celebrate the best of Irish Parent Blogging by sponsoring the first Irish Parenting Blog Awards.

The inaugural Irish Parenting Blog Awards take place on Saturday April 25th, 2015 in Odessa Rooftop Terrace and Bar on Dame Court in Dublin City Centre. Covering ten categories across a range of diverse topics – all under the umbrella of Parenting – Irish Parenting Blog Awards 2015 will celebrate the best in Parenting Blogging in Ireland. From writing to design, food and craft to inspirational, there’s an award to cover the full range of parent blogging.

There will be a total of ten categories in this year’s competition, including the award for most beautiful blog, which will be sponsored by Blacknight. The winner of this category will have a beautifully designed blog presented to a very high standard with gorgeous high quality photographs, graphics or images. Additional categories include: Best writer, most entertaining blog and best post of the year.

Blacknight CEO Michele Neylon explains: “We are honoured to sponsor the inaugural Irish Parent Blogging Awards. We are strong believers in the power of blogging and we applaud the Irish Parent Blogging community for creating a unique space online to share experiences and learn from each other. There are many nominees in each category and we look forward to rewarding the best of the best. “

Irish Parenting Bloggers was founded in 2012 as a community for Irish parents with blogs. The intention of the community is to bring together the best of parenting blogs in Ireland. In doing so, they offer a new take on parenting websites, covering a wide range of topics relevant to Irish parents.

Together, the Irish Parenting Bloggers cover topical and trending parenting-related issues as well as advice, opinion pieces and lifestyle features, with biting humour, nod to politics and more than a dollop of culture along the way. Irish Parenting Bloggers embrace all forms of parenting and provide a safe place where parents from all walks of life can feel accepted for their choices. For more information on the Parenting Blog Awards, please visit

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