Blacknight Announces .BLOG Domain Names are Now on Sale!

CEO encourages staff to launch their own blogs

Irish domain registrar Blacknight is one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the new dot-BLOG top level domain. CEO Michele Neylon is a veteran blogger; he says corporate blogging has been a cornerstone of the company’s communications from the very beginning. The company encourages staff to blog and believes that "blogging broadens the mind". The new .BLOG namespace adds new opportunities for creatively named websites that declare their purpose in the name.

One of the most anticipated new Top Level Domains has gone on general sale. Yesterday, the .BLOG domain was declared open to all, following an initial limited launch set aside for trademark-holders, and a short auction phase which concluded earlier this month.

One of the most enthusiastic supporters of dot-BLOG is the Irish domain name registrar Blacknight. CEO Michele Neylon is a veteran blogger, and corporate blogging has been a cornerstone of the company’s communications from the very beginning.

“Blogging is one of our founding values”, explains Neylon. “We’re not a faceless entity - no company should be. We talk about our products and services, and explain our strategies and motivations. We take pride in our employees’ achievements, and sometimes we talk about things that have nothing to do with business, and everything to do with being human beings in society.”

While Blacknight may have been ahead of the trend in its early years, he feels that blogging, whether for business or pleasure, or politics or sport or any other reason, is now part of the mainstream.

Earlier this year Blacknight became one of a select handful of pioneers of the dot-BLOG domain, when it moved its company blog to Now the company is encouraging its own employees to register .BLOG domain names, and carve out their own blogging niches.

“Blogging broadens the mind”, says Michele Neylon. “We’ve all learned to express ourselves on social media, but a blog is different. If you’ve got something to say, own it. Control your own domain; be your own publisher. Maybe you’re interested in music or meteorology or marsupials? If so, you’re a more interesting person, and engaging with others on a blog only builds on that.

“At Blacknight we never cease to be impressed with what people build with the tools we give them”, he says. “Our forty staff are a microcosm of diversity and creativity, and our hundreds of thousands of customers reveal exciting projects every day. For them, dot-BLOG is a new horizon, with the opportunity for creatively named websites that declare their purpose in the name. The word ‘blog’ has come to mean something: a certain type of website; a manifesto; communities rather than markets; collaborators rather than audiences.”

Dot-BLOG domain names are now available at, priced at €24.99 per year, ex VAT.

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