Fadas in IE Domain Names? They’re here!

Blacknight launches fada.ie, a dedicated website to help users register IE domain names with fadas.

Until now it wasn’t possible to register IE domain names with 'fadas' (i.e. á, é, í, ó, ú) for Irish language words. Now the IE Domain Registry (IEDR) has launched a process to gradually allow names with Irish-accented characters (i.e. á, é, í, ó, ú) over the next few months. Meanwhile Blacknight, the number one Irish domain name registrar and hosting company, launches fada.ie, a website designed to advise and assist people interested in the new domains.

The IE domain is well known as the official country-code domain for Ireland, but until now it wasn’t possible to register IE domain names with fadas for Irish language words. Now that’s all changed. IE Domain Registry (IEDR), the company that runs the domain, has launched a process to gradually allow names with Irish-accented characters (i.e. á, é, í, ó, ú) over the next few months.

The decision follows a public consultation on the matter held earlier this year.

Now Ireland’s leading domain registrar, Blacknight (blacknight.com), has launched a dedicated website to promote the new domain names, appropriately located at fada.ie.

CEO Michele Neylon explained that, as an indigenous Irish company, Irishness is a key part of Blacknight’s identity, and he was delighted to play a role in the provision of full support for the Irish language in the national domain.

“We do business internationally”, he explained. “Everywhere people speak English as an international lingua franca, but we all understand that many people have their own languages - often a minority or lesser-used language.

“The online world is all about pluralism. Every language and culture can be supported, without taking from each other. At Blacknight we’ve made a point of offering domain extensions for minority cultures like Catalan (.CAT), Galician (.GAL), Basque (.EUS) and Welsh (.CYMRU). So we’re particularly pleased to play our part in the addition of Irish language characters to .IE”.

Blacknight is a member of IEDR’s Policy Advisory Committee, a group of industry and community stakeholders set up in 2014 to advise on policy changes relating to the national domain. Among its first recommendations was the introduction of Irish sínte fada.

In common with most new domain name launches, the introduction of fadas will occur on a phased basis. The ‘Sunrise’ period, which runs until 21 September, is reserved for applications with associated trademarks. Trademarks must satisfy specific criteria set out by IEDR, including exactly matching the required name, and documentary evidence is required.

The Landrush Phase will launch on 18 October 2016, running for 30 days and ending on 16 November 2016. During this phase applications will be accepted from those who previously registered domains with Irish language words, but without the correct inclusion of the fada. For example, the registrant of fogra.ie, could apply for fógra.ie during this phase.

The final phase is General Release, and this is expected to start on 17 November 2016. Any remaining domains with fadas will be allocated to applicants on a first-come, first-served basis according to the usual IEDR rules.

In addition to processing applications, Blacknight is also accepting pre-orders for the later phases, subject to availability.

Meanwhile, the new website at fada.ie is providing information, news and updates about the launch and sharing stories about the use of Irish online.

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