Blacknight Leads the Way in Broadband Stability Amidst Rising Market Prices

In a time where fluctuating costs in the broadband sector are the new normal, Blacknight, Ireland’s largest web host and domain registrar, announces its continued commitment to stable and affordable pricing, making it a standout choice for customers across Ireland.

Blacknight is proud to maintain its Broadband pricing model, ensuring no introductory offer pricing and no yearly percentage increases. This strategy is central to the company's mission to provide long-term value to its customers, distinguishing Blacknight in an industry often characterised by unpredictability.

“With the recent price increase announcements, we wanted to reassure both businesses and consumers in Ireland that we won’t be taking the same doomsday approach. We’ve all been impacted by increases in the past 12 months; however, upping the prices every year isn't something we will be doing at Blacknight as it just feeds inflation, which is something we want to avoid." says Michele Neylon, CEO of Blacknight."

Blacknight offers a 6-month contract, providing customers with the perfect blend of stability and flexibility. This approach not only caters to the needs of a diverse clientele but also positions Blacknight as a provider that genuinely understands and adapts to its customers' evolving needs.

With a customer service team based in Carlow, Blacknight is dedicated to delivering exceptional support to its customers across Ireland. Available via phone and email, the team ensures that every customer interaction is both positive and productive, reinforcing Blacknight's reputation for outstanding customer care.

Originally focused on business broadband, Blacknight's expansion into the residential market is a response to the dynamic nature of the broadband sector. This strategic move demonstrates the company's agility and commitment to meeting the diverse requirements of the Irish market.

Neylon explains; “One of the biggest things we heard from our customers was that they had lost trust in their current providers because of the lack of customer service. We’ve always taken the approach that our customers come first and continue to offer the same level of service to our customers.”

At a time when other providers are increasing their prices, Blacknight's steadfast approach to pricing stability underscores its mantra of 'value for service'. Customers of Blacknight enjoy high-quality broadband services without the worry of unexpected costs, making it a reliable and cost-effective choice.

"In an era of economic uncertainty, our customers need assurance. Our message is simple: no hidden fees, no sudden price hikes, just consistent, high-quality broadband at honest prices," says Neylon.

About Blacknight

Blacknight ( are an Irish based, ICANN accredited domain registrar and hosting company. Recipients of several awards for their revolutionary use of social media, Blacknight are one of Europe’s most cutting edge Internet companies. Blacknight constantly seek to lead the way by introducing innovative solutions for its client base and provide dedicated servers and co-location as well as a comprehensive range of Microsoft Windows and Linux based hosting services and domain name registration services to business globally. IP transit services and other solutions for more demanding business and academic customers are offered a la carte. Fibre broadband services for both business and domestic users are also available throughout most of Ireland.

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